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InstaSky is your go-to Instagram scheduler that posts for you. It offers you an easier and more convenient way to manage your Instagram posts. Now you can easily schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place – in a simplified, and effective way!

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Best Instagram Scheduler

InstaSky is your ultimate Instagram Scheduler

Schedule Instagram Post and Relax

InstaSky Will Help You Save Time and Become More Efficient
InstaSky is designed to help you in many beautiful ways...

Ultimate Instagram Scheduler

InstaSky’s rich features give you unbelievable world-class support and freedom.

Fully Automated Posting – Scheduled or Instant Posts

Simple schedule the post, and InstaSky will handle the rest.

Intuitive Video Post Scheduler

Instagram video scheduling. Upload, post & schedule videos.

@Mention & #Hashtag Features

InstaSky lets cross promote or tag other engagements in the caption to increase your reach.

Full Emoji Support

Easily add emoji to your captions using our in-built emoji picker.

Calendar - View Planner

Easily add emoji to your captions using our in-built emoji picker.

Instagram Analytics

Track your follower growth & see all your past posts.

Full Cloud Support from Dropbox, Google Drive & more

Easily upload your artwork from the cloud? InstaSky readily connects to a host of cloud sources.

Supports all Instagram Image Format and Layouts

InstaSky is fully Instagram-compliant and supports the various image formats and layouts – portrait, landscape and square images. We also have super special Image Filters that will make you look apart.

Multiple Instagram Accounts

Easily manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single login. Easily add or remove accounts at will.

Repost anbd Reschedule

InstaSky helps to easily recall or reuse an old post. You can always reschedule or reactivate the post with a click.

Bulk Text and Media Upload

InstaSky empowers you to upload multiple texts or images (timeline, story or gallery) at once. You can also bulk edit captions and post times.

Super Intuitive Drag and Drop Option

This option enables you to edit your scheduled posts in a simplified and superfast way!

InstaSky Features

Packed with loads of Amazing Features

With InstaSky, you can always rest assured in the knowledge that you are using the best Instagram Scheduler tool that saves you loads of time, offering you the freedom to be even more productive, while easily keeping track of all your Instagram accounts, posts and other engagements from one place. Our super-intuitive proprietary add-ons will stun you as they help accomplish tremendous results while expanding your reach in pretty fast yet organic way!

Depending on the package of your choosing, you will get different ones.

add-ons are the following:

User Icon

Auto Follow

You can Auto follow Instagram profiles depending on their content, location, etc. Make your followers count skyrocket!

User Icon

Auto Unfollow

You can Auto Unfollow Instagram profiles that do not engage with your content so you only follow organic profiles.

Chat Icon

Auto Comment

With the auto comment, you will engage with other Instagram profiles in your niche. You can specify by hashtag, location, etc.

Heart Icon

Auto Like

Like other Instagram posts to drive engagement and rise your audience 100% automated and no effort.

Plus Icon

Auto Repost

Auto Repost will enable you to select random posts, re-post them and will remove them after a specified time passes.

Letter Icon

Welcome DM

Welcome DM will send an automated direct message to your new followers. This will help to keep absolute track of your engagements.


We’ve got you covered!

We've got you covered

Your competitive Insta-Adventage

One of the amazing realities that will readily stun you as you put InstaSky to work is the fact that you are covered every single moment - and this is a fact!

InstaSky highlights the latest Instagram technology that lets you stand out in the Instagram community, even amongst your competitors. This is because we have considered how to make being an influencer a lot easier for you, among the several other great things that you would desire, being in the Instagram community.

This explains why we created this amazing, super-efficient tool that not only keeps you up-to-date and abreast of the latest events on Instagram, it also helps to make sure that your fans and followers are not left out of the fun – carrying them along every step of the way.

You may want to consider InstaSky as the best Instagram tool that is tailored to your specific needs. Our customers consider InstaSky as the best Instagram influencer tool that gives you the freedom that you truly deserve – the freedom to be who you want to be, do what you want to do without losing grip of your Instagram presence or the amazing followers that your business engages with on a regular basis.

InstaSky is an amazing Instagram Scheduler that helps schedule Instagram posts and seamlessly carry out other key functions such as Instagram AutoLike, Instagram AutoFollow as well as Managing multiple Instagram Accounts.

With InstaSky:

  • You will never have to miss another post again, ever!
  • You can easily schedule postings at a later time or date.
  • You can easily manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time while maintaining distinct communication and delivering juicy posts at your convenience.

Optimize your Instagram workflow

Accelerated Productivity

InstaSky is all about helping you work smarter and More Efficiently!

Our inbuilt Media library tool enables you to easily optimize your workflow by helping you synchronize your data from all your storage locations such as your computer or cloud – Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Save Time

Easily schedule postings and queue up bulk posts from one place.

Our Instagram Scheduler provides you with the cutting-edge up-to-date technology that enables you schedule posts, photos, and videos at your convenience.

InstaSky’s bulk upload tool is indeed one feature that allows you save valuable time while giving the flexibility great content.

On-Demand Bulk Posting

Enjoy InstaSky’s super-efficient content delivery tool on single or multiple Instagram accounts.

Our bulk posting feature allows you to conveniently queue up and post an incredible amount of data and make multiple posts across various Instagram accounts.

This great Instagram influencer tool indeed allows you to manage multiple accounts while making multiple posts and repost across your Instagram accounts. Thus helping you stay on top of your game, as well as your promotional and key influencer duties, every second day, 24/7; all year round!

You can also sync photos and videos from YOUR desktop, Drive, or Dropbox to post for later. Or save visual gems for future reference - that's a pearl you don't want to miss.

Enjoy better flexibility and more time with InstaSky

We simply help you get ahead of time while staying efficient

We understand the peculiar demands of your job. And because we are in tune with the enormous responsibility that you carry, we have the best Instagram tool with which you can easily manage your personal and corporate profiles. This way, InstaSky allows you to create an unlimited number of accounts and lets you post them right away or schedule posts for later as you may decide.

InstaSky Features

Stay trendy and ahead of your personal and corporate schedules

InstaSky takes the responsibility of helping you stay current and trendy in a very simplified way.

You can upload your images or videos to be posted to your Instagram account, automatically, round the clock and for 24hrs of the day, 7 days a week. With InstaSky, you need not worry about phone notifications, just sync up your computer, drive or Dropbox and let InstaSky do the rest.

InstaSky is fully automated for your ease and convenience. We allow multiple accounts and encourage collaboration among team members.

Best of all, our solution is budget-friendly; convenient, affordable and very easy to use! We make bulk uploading, and multiple posting extremely easy while ensuring that you reach as many followers as possible at any point in time.

Simply put, InstaSky minimizes workload while significantly maximizing user’s engagement to a global audience. With InstaSky, you can never go wrong.

Relevant prices for you

5.95 USD / per month
Annual Price:
49.95 USD
You Save 21.45 USD
Only 1 account
Post Types:
Photo, Video,
Story (Photo only),
Album (Photo only)
Cloud Import:
Not available
Spintax Support
8.95 USD / per month
Annual Price:
79.95 USD
You Save 27.45 USD
Up to 3 accounts
Post Types:
Photo, Video,
Story (Photo+Video),
Album (Photo+Video)
Cloud Import:
Spintax Support
18.95 USD / per month
Annual Price:
169.95 USD
You Save 57.45 USD
Up to 20 accounts
Post Types:
Photo, Video,
Story (Photo+Video),
Album (Photo+Video)
Cloud Import:
Spintax Support