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At InstaSky, we are not only offering you the best Instagram Scheduler where you can ensure that your following gets consistent quality content in all your accounts with ease from your computer. But also, we have created a set of add-ons that will help you drive insane engagement and make your accounts grow organically.

Depending on the package of your choosing you will get different ones. These addons are the following:


Auto Follow

You can Auto follow Instagram profiles depending on their content, location, etc. Make your followers count skyrocket!


Auto Unfollow

You can Auto Unfollow Instagram profiles that do not engage with your content so you only follow organic profiles.

Auto Comment

With auto comment, you will engage with other Instagram profiles in your niche. You can specify by hashtag, location, etc.

Auto Like

Like other Instagram posts to drive engagement and rise your audience 100% automated and no effort.

Auto Repost

Auto Repost will enable you to select random posts, re-post them and will remove them after specified time passes.

Welcome DM

Weclome DM will send automated direct message to your new followers. This will help to keep your following engaged.

You can access InstaSky from a Laptop, Smart phones and be in the clouds.

We've got you covered!

Your comparative Insta-advantage

InstaSky have got you covered at all times, and this is not just a promise but also a fact!

When we looked into how to make being an influencer easy, knowing too well that you are just as much an Instagram influencer as you are so many other great things; we came up with this great idea to keep you abreast and up-to-date with the latest while making sure your fans and followers are not left out of the fun.

We created the best Instagram tool, and the best Instagram influencer tool to give you the freedom you genuinely deserve- the freedom to be you and show the world the side of the coin you desire.

  • InstaSky ensures that you do not miss another post again.
  • With InstaSky, you can schedule postings for later.
  • Manage several Instagram accounts at the same time with each maintaining communication and delivering juicy posts as and when you need it.
You can access InstaSky from a Laptop, Smart phones and be in the clouds.

Optimize your workflow!

Accelerated productivity

InstaSky is all about making you work better and smarter.

Optimize your workflow with our inbuilt Media library, sync from all your storage locations, your computer, Drive or Dropbox.

Schedule postings and queue up bulk post to save time. With InstaSky, you can make and schedule posts, photos and videos.

Bulk upload is one feature that allows you save time while giving great content.

Meet up with content demand with bulk posting!

The bulk posting feature allows you queue up and post a significant amount of data and make multiple posts across various accounts.

The bulk posting feature is a great Instagram influencer tool as it allows you manage multiple accounts and make multiple posts and repost across accounts. This feature lets you be on top of your game, your promotional and your influencer duties at all times.

Sync photos and videos from desktop, Drive, or Dropbox to post for later.

Save visual gems for future reference, that's a pearl you don't want to miss.

With InstaSky, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts with ease and less time.

InstaSky helps you have a life!

We help you get ahead of life

We understand the demands of your job. We are in tune with the responsibility that you carry, and that's why we created the best Instagram tool for managing both personal and corporate profiles. InstaSky allows you create an unlimited number of accounts and lets you post right away or schedule posts for later.

With InstaSky, you don't have to sit at the desk and with your laptop all day. Phone notifications become a distant memory as we take all the responsibility of keeping you current and trendy.

You can upload your images or videos to be posted to your Instagram account, automatically, round the clock and for 24hrs of the day, 7 days a week. With InstaSky, you need not worry about phone notifications, just sync up your computer, drive or Dropbox and let InstaSky do the rest.

InstaSky is fully automated for your ease and convenience. We allow multiple accounts and encourage collaboration among team members.

Our solution is affordable, convenient and straightforward to use. We make bulk uploading, and multiple posting comfortable, ensuring that you reach as many followers as possible.

InstaSky minimizes your workload while maximizing user engagement to a global audience. You can never go wrong with InstaSky.

Relevant prices for you

5.95 USD/per month
Annual Price: 49.95 USD
You save 21.45 USD
Only 1 account
Post Types:
Photo, Video,
Story (Photo only),
Album (Photo only)
Cloud Import:
Not available
Spintax Support
Storage: 150MB
8.95 USD/per month
Annual Price: 79.95 USD
You save 27.45 USD
Up to 3 accounts
Post Types:
Photo, Video,
Story (Photo+Video),
Album (Photo+Video)
Cloud Import:
Spintax Support
Storage: 250MB
18.95 USD/per month
Annual Price: 169.95 USD
You save 57.45 USD
Unlimited accounts
Post Types:
Photo, Video,
Story (Photo+Video),
Album (Photo+Video)
Cloud Import:
Spintax Support
Storage: 300MB