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The Instagram Story… An instant hit! This amazing feature made Instagram sail to 100+ million daily active users in just two months after its launch.

During this period, there was quite a vast population of Social Media users who argued about how Instagram had copied Snapchat, and Instagram’s attempt to slice a chunk of Snapchat’s market share.

Well, while that may have seemed true, at first, further iterations of this unique Instagram feature soon revealed that the argument was only a one-sided view of the tool. Thus clearing the air that the Instagram Stories isn’t just an original, it is, by all means, a better version of Snapchat! Great for regular people, and even better for businesses too!

A pretty cool tool, right? Evidently! Which is why we will be looking at how you can use the Instagram Stories to promote your business – online or the brick and mortar, with a physical address.

Of course, for socially-engaged businesses, this special feature does provide a great vehicle for promoting your brand, products, or services. You get it right and boom! You can engender your followers with loads of affinity for your brand. Thus, building loyalty and, ultimately, setting up future sales.

“But how can I accomplish this?” You might be wondering. Well, the exact purpose of this article. Let’s begin by understanding what the ‘Instagram Stories’ really is.

Okay. A quick recap… It’s simply a tool, and feature that makes it possible for users to collate short slideshows of their favorite photos or video footage. The feature enables users to overlay these files with emojis, graphics or text. The message usually self-destructs after 24 hours.

So, while the photo and video files that you publish to your profile remain forever, and can be found by anyone who looks for them, your Instagram Stories are ephemeral, as they are only visible for a limited time.

Once gone, they’re gone forever! This gives you the opportunity to be more innovative, playful and informal with your marketing content in a better and more engaging manner!


Like all Instagram features with the characteristically easy-to-use interface, creating an Instagram Story is really very simple,

Of course, Instagram has continued to release updates of this amazing tool, making it quite difficult to list them all, the fact remains that the Instagram Story is pretty user-friendly but still missing one of the most important features for Business, scheduling Instagram Stories. This is why I am going to show you how easy it is to use InstaSky to schedule your business stories to ensure you get your Instagram campaigns undercontrol. Here is a highlight on how to get started with it, beginning at your Dashboard screen:

1.     Click on the Add Story button, located at the middle of top bar to initiate change to the Story mode.

2.     Upload an image or video from any of the accepted sources like Google Drive, Dropbox or your computer. Once it is in your media tab, drag and drop it into the correct area or click in the small tick on the bottom left corner of the selected file.

3. Next, click into the "Scheduler" and select the preferred date that you want your story be published into Instagram. I recommend that you check in the insights what is the best time of the day to reach as many people as possible.

4.     To finish up the scheduling, just click into the "Schedule the post" button and Boom! It will appear the success message that your story has been scheduled for the selected date.

5.     Now you can go to the calendar and hover over the selected day to see that there is a scheduled post for that day. Another way to schedule your Instagram stories for your business would be selecting the day in the calendar and click on add post in it.

6.     To find out how your Instagram story is performing, simply swipe up while viewing your story in the Instagram app; the total number and names of people who have viewed each photo or video will is displayed.

7.  To view insights for your Instagram story, go to your profile page and select the Insights icon at the top right corner in the Instagram app. Then, scroll down and tap “Get Started” link in the Stories section, to proceed.

Perhaps you want to view your Instagram Stories’ analytics, it is also possible. But you would have to be on an Instagram business profile.

When you open your business profile other metrics such as Impressions, Reach, etc., related to your stories will be automatically added to your Instagram Insights’ options under the Content heading.


There are a thousand and one innovative ways to market your product, brand or service, using Instagram Stories. They include:


Perhaps you are launching a new product soon. Try teasing with an Instagram Story and watch your biggest followers spread the word for you. Fuel the buzz. Build the hype! Let out one or two details about a shiny new feature. Announcing time-bound, too-good-to-miss product offers and flash sales via your Instagram Stories is a great way to make your followers pay keen attention to the content that you publish. But do not overdo it!


Advertising a seminar, webinar or a conference just got a lot easier! The Instagram Stories platform lets you get the story out in a much clearer and faster way. Just avoid being too salesy. So your audience can always look forward to and engage with your future stories. This would also encourage better sign-ups the next time you’re promoting an event.


A smart edit of a Q&A session with your CEO or a dignitary adds the human touch to your business. Cutting in some shots of your products or services is a great way to make sure your brand’s message is well communicated.


Be active in the trend. Since news spread like wildfire, sharing or reposting them is always very rewarding. It keeps your followers glued to you. Simply look for one of the most trending stories of the day, then relate it to your product. If done properly, you will be amazed at the results.

Now, that you know what to do, you may as well get on board right away, and start making things happen! A little eccentricity makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to memorable marketing. And that’s exactly what the Instagram Stories does for you. Its temporary nature gives you the opportunity to showcase your products, services or brand in many innovative ways.

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