New Feature! Story Builder

At InstaSky, we know many of you have been waiting this for long. We are proud to present to you one of the most awesome features that any Instagram marketer needs, the Story Builder.

Now, with the Story builder. You can schedule and post stories with stickers like hashtags, locations or even polls. We believe that giving you the opportunity to schedule stories with these will give you an incredible edge and put your Instagram marketing to the next level.

Here is a short guide in how you get started creating super engaging Instagram Stories with the new Story Builder.

When you select the "Add Story", you should see that the main column appears a button that says "Story Builder".

If you pass the cursor over the button, you will see that it tells you to add a photo. For now, it only works with a photo as background. We will add more options on the future so the experience is closer to the Instagram app by adding gradient or coloured backgrounds.

Once you have selected a photo, you can open the story builder which is composed by:

  • Hashtags: You can add any hashtags. We don't validate it so it is in your hands to ensure that you are using safe hashtags.

  • Location: You can search for specific locations to geolocate your story.

  • Usertag: You can search and tag any Instagram account.

  • Poll: You can create poll stories with a question and two answers.

  • Link: If your account has more than 10k followers this option will appear. You will be able to link directly to any URL your stories.

You can see the following video which we use all the different Story stickers but the Link sticker. It is pretty easy to use.

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