Key Instagram metrics to get more followers in 2018


Just a few years ago, Instagram started out as an unassuming photo sharing app. But that fact is changing quite rapidly since its inception – growing far beyond the wildest expectations of social media forerunners from an estimated 200 million monthly active Instagram users in 2014 to staggering 800 million+ in 2018

With an approximate half a billion active users every day – you may want to think of it as nearly twice the United States’ population. Impressively, and probably an exciting news for online marketers, the average time spent by these active Instagram users, on the platform, continues to swell by approximately 80% every year.

On the flip side, that could also mean a lot of marketing competition for brands and businesses on the platform. Thus making it tougher for them to stand out from this huge Instagram-crowd.


Instagram’s engagement metric is rapidly evolving to match the pace of the ever-increasing needs of its users. From the oversimplified era of “Likes + Comments = Engagement” to a lot more, today. This is 2018, where Instagram ‘views’, ‘saves’, ‘shares’, ‘swipes’, ‘saves’, and ‘DMs’ in addition to ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, count for engagement. Not to mention the shiny new feature, the Instagram Story – all these now add up to your engagement metric on Instagram.

A simplified but somewhat debated way to determine your engagement metric is usually evaluating the total number of views that you get. You don’t want to assume that all your followers get your posts. Because in reality, they did not!

This, therefore, means that we need to make a shift from how we perceived the engagement metric as being about our individual photos posts to being about your entire account as a single entity! In the end, what matters the most here, is that your followers (potential customers) are actively engaging with your business on Instagram.

Safe to say that you should be running an Instagram Business profile or simply switch your existing non-business profile to an Instagram Business account – it’s only a click away, and you’ll find this option in your profile page.

Your Instagram engagement rate is certainly one of the surest ways to check how your posts and other content is faring among your audience. At a glance, it tells you how well they are relating with your content, and whether or not they want to share or engage with it. Fortunately, there are tons of ways that you can improve your Instagram engagement rate. Starting with even the little things such as writing posts with winning captions and being certain about the most suitable time to send out your post can boost your engagement metric a great deal!

But it isn’t just you who is interested in increasing their Instagram engagement and get more followers, likes, and comments. It’s what everyone wants these days, which is why we will be looking at other Instagram metrics that will give your business an incredible edge, on the platform.

And this leads us to Instagram’s next important metric…


You don’t want to overlook this powerful tool at your own peril. On your Instagram profile page, the Discovery Section can be found inside your Instagram Insights. The Insights give you details about your audience – their location, how they came about your post and what they did with it; your reach and impressions

For clarity, Impressions tell you about the total number of times your Instagram post was seen – deliberately and otherwise. It includes users who were scrolling through their feeds, clicked on your Instagram Business profile to view a photo post, or via Instagram Direct Messaging.

Instagram Reach, like Impressions, tells about the total number of views on your posts get. But not summarily. It is more specific - narrowing it down to very unique views only. For example, if an Instagram follower clicks on your profile, to view your posts multiple times that day, that action will only be counted once in your ‘Instagram Reach’. The Impressions, therefore, tell you about your total number of Instagram views, detailing how each user found your post.

The best parameter to focus here would be the ‘hashtags’. You will readily know if your posts are discovered through the hashtags they follow or searched for.

You may want to consider periodically experimenting your hashtag usage. Then monitor your followers’ engagement through your various hashtags. It’s always a great way to determine what hashtags are giving you the desired visibility with your target audience, or works best for your business profile.


Like it or not, this amazing feature on Instagram is yet another very powerful tool that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. And your Instagram Business profile should be taking huge advantage of the Instagram Stories feature if it already isn’t.

Instagram Stories offer you the perfect opportunity to showcase your business and brand to large audiences in a very unique and personal way; such as real-life updates, entertaining behind-the-scene reports and more! You can also take great advantage of its other features (e.g. the Question and Poll Stickers) to enhance better conversation and engagement.

Now that you understand how powerful the Instagram Story is, let’s have a look at its Metrics; the Next Stories Metrics, to be more precise, which tells you about the total number of people who skipped your story to tap on the next Instagram account’s story content. You bet that’s a strong indicator to how interesting (or not) your story content is.

So how do you locate your Instagram’s Next Stories metrics?

Pretty simple! From your profile page, click on your profile photo to access your live stories. Then swipe-up for insights on your Instagram Story.

Knowing what to look out for in your Next Stories Metrics…

When speed-tapping through Instagram Stories to get to the end of the stories updates, staying on a Story, going on to the next, or returning to a previous. Instagram captures that information as being skipped or viewed. And these translate to the “backs” or “forwards” Instagram Stories metrics.

The “Next Story metrics” tells about when the audience swipe forward to skip your story in order to view the next account’s story.

A high ‘Next-Story metrics’ value at the middle, or at the beginning of your Stories Content should, therefore, tell you that the viewers weren’t didn’t engage with your content, and skip your content in favor of another’s. This invariably helps to determine how interested your Instagram followers are in your Story content as well as which of these content they like or dislike.

The next important metric is that which helps you measure how much influence you have around your Instagram audience – The Instagram Reach metrics


The old saying that ‘…there is strength in numbers…’ is fundamentally true on Instagram. And no other metrics fits better than the Reach Metrics. It tells you the total number of unique Instagram accounts that viewed your post, in a similar way that Instagram Impressions tells how many times your posts have been seen.

We can say that the Instagram Reach metric is one of the most reliable indicators that help you keep up with your performance especially if you want to grow. The metric tells you whether or not your reach is beyond your existing followers, and if you are reaching new audiences – daily and weekly!

This indispensable tool can be located within your Instagram Insights of your app, under the “Discovery” tab.

Just a quick note…

Perhaps your Instagram Business profile isn’t doing very well, and you want to reach new audiences very quickly. Here are a few legitimate ways to get that done on Instagram:

  • Influencer Marketing: Work through social influencers on Instagram. They are always in touch with a vast population of audiences from different demographics including yours. And they can help you reach these specific audiences much quicker, and help you increase your overall sales and brand presence.

  • Collaborations via Tagging: Tagging relevant user accounts or businesses in your post will significantly improve your engagements, and offer you better chances at a wider visibility and larger audiences.

  • Optimize your Posts: This simply means scheduling your post by location; at specific times when most Instagram users within a particular time zone are most active.


It’s time to start creating irresistible fully-watched IGTV videos. And a perfect place to begin is determining what fraction of your audience watched your IGTV videos – full length. This can be easily calculated as the percentage of total video watched divided by total plays.

Of course, you may not be able to please everyone which by implication wouldn’t give you a hundred percent value, the fact remains that you want to maintain a high percentage IGTV view rate as possible.

And you also want to know if users are skipping past your video, and how you can minimize the number. But before you get too far away with your speculations, you may want to begin with the simple logical ones:

  • They may not be very interested in your topic,

  • They could be out of time and may have decided to leave the app

  • They may have gotten the desired information at the beginning of your video

  • They do not know what to expect, and may not have sufficient time to find out

A simple way to relieve yourself of the heart-troubling situation of having a declining view rate is to give your video a concise and easy-to-understand introduction. So viewers can always know what to expect. You may also want to experiment with your video length to know what works best with your audience. Then develop your strategy around your findings.


This essentially refers to determining how your Instagram followers are engaging with all the links (about your website, products or service) in your Instagram Business account.

Instagram isn’t very generous about letting users link out to their website, except through the profile section where one can easily include a clickable link – with the exception of large Instagram business profiles. Tracking a link, however, lets you know what products or services you should advertise or create content around.

In the end; when properly applied, you will be able to easily engage your audience by advertising the right products to them, at the right time, or in their most preferred format. We can easily conclude that the Links metrics is an indicator that tells what products or services your audience is most attracted to.

Here’s a quick way to access your Instagram’s Link Open rates:

  • Navigate to your Instagram profile page

  • Click on the “bar chat” icon at the upper right corner, and then find the Content tab within the Insights Page

  • Scroll down to your Instagram Stories section; here you’ll see details of your live stories and their corresponding views

  • For further detail, tap “See all” in the upper right corner of the menu

  • Use the filter options to toggle through the metrics for the Link Open rates.


Now you have knowledge of the basic Instagram metrics that are vital to your business growth and overall influence while managing your success on Instagram.

Thank You

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