InstaSky Distinguished as an Exceptional Marketing Automation Software by a Directory for Business Software

Recording over two million readers on a monthly basis, FinancesOnline is a discovery platform visited by businesses that are looking for the top B2B and SaaS solutions, including leaders in the online marketing automation software space. In light of this, InstaSky is proud to be recognized by FinancesOnline for its simple and intuitive design in scheduling Instagram posts.

In a review prepared by FinancesOnline’s business software experts, they consider InstaSky as as a suitable platform for “all sorts of users” that are looking to leverage Instagram in bolstering their marketing efforts.

FinancesOnline also believes that InstaSky is able to provide users with a “distinct advantage” over competitors. Among the advantageous tools highlighted include its “powerful and robust analytics” involving Instagram trends, identification of the top influencers for your brand, and accessible creation of Instagram posts to engage target audiences. With suitable InstaSky pricing plans for every budget and business needs, businesses everywhere can easily gain an advantage over the competition.

FinancesOnline supported these positive remarks by awarding InstaSky with two industry awards after their in-depth marketing automation tools research. Specifically, they awarded us with the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018. Moreover, we also garnered a 100% user satisfaction rating on their website.

We wholeheartedly thank FinancesOnline for taking the time to recognize InstaSky for its contribution in the industry and helping everyone enjoy the benefits of automation software. This recognitions motivate our team to continue helping all our users significantly minimize their workload, boost efficiency, and prevent them from wasting countless hours in scheduling Instagram posts.

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