How to monetise Instagram in 2018

Have you worked hard to build a massive following on your Instagram account? Are you looking after your audience so they are always engaging with you on Instagram?

If you are in that point, you might want to start looking for ways to be compensated for your hard work. In this article I am going to be showing you different ways in how to monetise your Instagram accounts effectively.

Become an Influencer

One of the most successful online ventures in 2018 is influencer marketing. If you already have the following and a niche targeted audience you can start doing some influencer marketing.

The business model here is pretty straight forward. You keep your audience engage and you promote products and services to them.

There are out there services where you can join to sell shoutouts like Jumpfame or Shoutcart. Here you can add your Instagram accounts and get paid to advertise products.

Once you start selling shoutout, you will see that you will get DMs from people interested to get to your audience and you will be able to negotiate it directly.

Start an Influencer Marketing Consultancy

Clearly you know how to grow Instagram accounts and keep your audience engage. If you don't want to do Influencer Marketing yourself, you can help other be successful and become Influencers.

There is a lot of room in this niche and at InstaSky, we believe is something to kick up pretty soon like the dropshipping niche did with Shopify. So 2018, is a great time to get into this niche and start helping others become Instagram Influencers.

There is couple of ways you can monetise it.

The most obvious is charging for one-to-one sessions where you can share your knowledge and mentor them to their Instagram success. You can also make courses and sell them online.

The other way is contacting brands and marketing agencies to help them out to reach their full potential in Instagram. This can have big returns but might be difficult to get started.

Either way, Influencer marketing has better ROI than other advertisement campaigns so we should see and increase of brands starting to get Influencers and micro-influencers advertise their products.

Launch your own brand

This method isn't for the beginners in the game, that is for sure but if you do this well can be a life changer.

The concept is pretty simple, you have a massive following within a niche and you create a brand for that niche. For example, you have an account for fishing because you are super passionate about it. You can create a brand that makes products for fishing.

I am not talking of dropshipping, here I am talking of registering a brand getting manufacturers that can produce your branded products and create an ecommerce site to sell them.

We seen this done successfully by creating Shopify stores or using Amazon or both.

This method will require you to invest upfront money to have initial stock and create the ecom site.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

This is pretty similar model as the Influencer marketing. You basically promote other's products for a commission.

The good thing is that you can use this method with any of the other methods of monetising your Instagram accounts.

You can find great offers that might resonate with your audience in Clickbank or Jvzoo.

If you are an Influencer, you can use this method while you don't have any shoutout going on too.


I hope you get some value from this article, there are other ways to monetise your Instagram accounts. I might talk of those in future articles. I wanted to lay down the easier and faster way to enable you to get paid by promoting to your audience. I find in my experience that this is the most easy way to do so for newcomers to Instagram Marketing.

All the best

Albert Fernandez

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