Automation Hacks to get more Instagram Followers

If you are social media marketer and want to save your time and efforts then you are in the right place.

Let me show you the magical way to boost your business with Instagram marketing by using automation.

#Automate searching for new accounts

There are different tools available which help to find new accounts and start automatically following.

Simply you need to instruct the bots to search your required accounts of Instagram and start following.

How does it work?

These automation tools pick up the accounts with same Hashtags, Names to start following.

It will never pick thousands of accounts in one attempt; it gradually follows some accounts every day to avoid unnatural activity.

#Manage your time by Scheduling your posts on Instagram

Scheduling of posts makes your work more efficient, in this way your followers stay engaged with consistent content.

You can plan, create content for your account, you don’t need to post manually it will automatically promote your business.

#Check Your Insights Daily

No doubt your automation tools make things easy but it doesn't mean you forget to track your progress.

You need to check daily how much followers are interested to share your content, how many comments you got daily on your posts.

The most important thing you need to analyze at what time users are active and which type of content they like.

If you find any issue with engagement, you must re-plan your automation strategy to improve it.

#Automate likes is not dangerous anymore

One thing keeps in your mind always try to get organic visitors and likes, it helps you to set up a stable business in your hand.

The Instagram bot helps to get automated likes safely, but the best way to get likes from organic people.

Getting likes means to increase your landscape of followers, to show up the content with maximum people.

If your likes increased Instagram bot automatically get signal of the popularity of that specific page.

#Focus on your content quality

As you heard before the content is a king, try to create the high-quality relevant content targeted to your audience.

  • Avoid duplication during content creation

  • For Instagram content must be catchy

  • Keep your followers happy by sharing related content

#Automate commenting in a proper way.

There are a number of people who do not recommend automating comments, perhaps it is because it may come across as spam. Though, when it is done correctly by using unbiased and positive comments and including diverse options for the bot to revolve through, you can still run off through related comments on photos without the risk of coming across as fake.

Assuring yourself that you are not getting through wastage of time, it is fine to only automate commenting for a small number of photos on a daily base. It is not attainable that to plan it in the way that will produce context related comments for every photo it comes across. So that you are advised to set aside for some time to create authentic comments every day by yourself.

# Automate Message System

Just as comment automation, you can also automate direct messaging to Instagram accounts. Although it is not easy to make contextually significant to every individual follower the bot will come across, you want to stay with it limited to a few accounts daily.

You will certainly, have to use generic phrasing, so try to maintain a diversity of positive, unbiased statements i.e. “Thank you for following” in the repository to work with the bot.

#Spare time to answer all comments

Track your progress, insights, content quality but most important thing is to respond to comments to develop a relationship with followers.

To boost your Instagram engagements give time to your audience by replying proper comments and respond by reactions.

In this way, your followers feel like family because they need proper attention and care from your side.


Everything is in your hand but followers who have a real interest in your brand give you an awesome edge in your business.

Without dedicated followers, you cannot get a worthy presence on any social media platform. Automation to make your work easy and efficient give a try and get the results.

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